If you are looking for a way to build a business using the power of social media, then this is the right place for you.
We will be sharing all our knowledge and experience that we’ve gained over the past 12+ years and help you with the right tools and strategies to build your business, your brand using social media.


No prior experience is required. This course is for anyone who is passionate about building a business using social media.

Course Outline

  • 01 Introduction

    Ways to make money from social media Business model

    Business model

  • 2. Branding

    Mistakes to avoid when choosing a brand name

    How to generate fresh 100+ names for your brand

    Verify your brand name is not penalized before

  • 3. Social media platforms
    3.1.1 Facebook pages

    Components of a page and the correct way to configure each component

    How to create a page for a European audience (the right way)

    Creating content for your page to attract a high-quality audience

    Data-driven decision making for success

    3.1.2 Facebook groups

    Finding interests of UK/USA audience

    How to find hidden groups (UK/USA etc)

    Filtering the best groups to join

    The proven way to be a star in any UK/USA group

    Creating viral content for groups (using a reverse engineering strategy)

    3.1.3 Avoiding mistakes (Facebook)

    What could go wrong?

    Protect your page from getting banned

    Creating a winning content calendar to reach a wider audience

  • 3.2 Pinterest

    Overview of Pinterest

    Creating content for Pinterest

    Deciding content types based on the audience

    Avoiding mistakes in Pinterest

  • 4. Website / Blog
    4.1 Website

    Website architecture (overview)

    Domain names, DNS, and finding the best domain deals

    4.2 Hosting

    Overview of hosting

    Where should you host your website?

    4.3 Content management systems

    Different CMS

    Overview of WordPress

    Understanding WordPress structure

    Installing WordPress (manual and automated)

    Speed up your website using a global CDN

    Protecting your site from attacks

    4.4 Content creation for website

    Generating content ideas

    Analyzing “Hot Topics"

    Creating high-quality, unique content

    Persuasive writing - How to make sure your content is attractive

    Mistakes to avoid when creating content

  • 5. Monetization
    5.1 AdSense

    AdSense policies

    Deciding optimal ad positioning for your blog

    5.2 AdSense alternatives

    Other ad networks

    5.3 Instant Articles

    Overview of instant articles

    What to do if your page is not eligible for instant articles?

    5.4 Auxx Me Partnership Program